Community Wellness Mural

The Churchill Community Coalition is excited to invite you to participate in the Community Wellness Mural Project! This project will put beautiful murals all around Fallon designed by local artists and painted by the whole community. Our theme is Mental Health and Wellness: What does "Mental Health" mean to you? How do you self-care? Who has been your support in your life? We plan on having at least 2 permanent installations around town and multiple mobile murals that will travel around Fallon.

We do not require any prior experience with mural work, just a passion for art and expression. If you are interested in submitting, please send your name, contact information, and some examples of your work to


Artist Spotlights

Kenyen H Photo

Kenyen's plans for JPO

Kenyen Hicks

I'm a 20 year old artist currently attending UNR's digital design program. I'm a full time student and hope to turn a passion into a job. Just a dude making art.





Kenyen's Portfolio

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