The Prescription Drug Round Up is ​April 30th from 10am-2 pm in the CVS Parking Lot

The Prescription Drug (Rx) Round Up is to be held on April 30th from 10 am-2 pm in the parking lot of CVS. The collection is strictly No Questions Asked,  and accepts all types of medications; pills, patches, and liquids (Please no needles). The medication along with any containers will be incinerated following the event.

Prescription drug safety and proper disposal is crucial in reducing Rx drug abuse in our community.  43% of teens say that prescription drugs are easier to get a hold of then illegal drugs, most getting them from the medicine cabinets of family and friends. (1)

Proper disposal is also important in keeping our environment and water clean. Never flush your medications down the toilet, wash them down the drain, or throw them in the trash.

Dispose of any unused or expired Rx drugs at the Prescription Drug Round Up, or take them to the Drop Box 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, located at the Law Enforcement Building at 73 N. Maine St.

  1. ***2012 Attitude Tracking Survey by the Partnership at for more information visit

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