Nevada Good Samaritan Law

The state of Nevada is among the highest in the nation for drug overdose and for prescription of narcotic and highly addictive opioid medications. Often times, drug overdoses happen when others are present, the Good Samaritan Drug Overdose Act of 2015 (Senate Bill 459, Chapter 26, Statutes of Nevada 2015 NRS 453C. 120) is designed to protect those that come to the aid of overdose victims.

If you encounter someone currently having an overdose, please dial 911 immediately. The Good Samaritan Law saves bystanders from prosecution who provide assistance to a person that is currently experiencing an overdose. This law was passed to encourage family, friends, and bystanders to call 911 and administer aid in the event of an overdose.

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Nevada's Good Samaritan Law
Nevada's Good Samaritan Law - Spanish

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