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The Many Faces Of Marijuana

The Many Faces Of Marijuana

Today the ways to use Marijuana are endless…  from vaping, to dabbing, and even drinking, the marijuana industry is growing and coming up with stronger ways to get high. Many people do overdose on these extremely high rates of THC (the psychosis element in Marijuana). Though for years it has been thought that you cannot overdose on Marijuana, that is proving to be far from the truth with Today’s Marijuana. With THC levels reaching 90%, what used to be considered a “safe” & “natural” way to get high is actually the farthest thing from. 

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The Dabbing Epidemic- Wax, Budder, HoneyComb, BHO,  Oil, Shatter

Dabbing, the vaporizing Creating these concentrates is a lengthy process which uses butane to extract the tiny fibers on the flowers to get the highest level of THC possible, in many cases butane is still left in the substance and can easily be ingested by the user. Using this process THC levels can reach dangerous levels of THC reaching 90%. 

Dabbing is becoming more popular among marijuana users and can be very dangerous. Not only are the THC levels concerning but dabs can actually explode once they hit the heating element. 

Vaping- not just for tobacco anymore

Edibles- the not-so-tasty-truth

Smoking- Joints, Bongs, Blunts, and Hookah

Smoking marijuana, probably the most traditional method of using marijuana, is very hard on your lungs as well as the rest of your body. There are 76 more carcinogens in Marijuana than in tobacco, and smoking 1 joint is the equivalent to smoking 7 cigarettes. The most common methods of smoking marijuana are by joint, blunt 

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