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Be on the look out for the marijuana tool kit in your mailbox news!

Look For

The marijuana Parent Tool Kit

In Your June-November, 2015 Mailbox News

Your Churchill Community Coalition is presenting The Marijuana Parent Tool Kit to Community Members.
The Tool Kit is a series of six post cards that provide current valid research based information on today’s Marijuana.

The Coalition has been gathering community data over the past few months on Marijuana that has shown us what our youths’, parents’, and other community adults’ perceptions of marijuana are.

We have also been shown the availability of marijuana in our community, and marijuana recreational use rates.

(For information on data collected, visit us at


With this information we believe it is time to share some light on how different today’s marijuana is from marijuana in the 80s and even in the 90s. What we perceived as safe and “natural” in those days, no longer applies to marijuana today, which has been genetically modified to produce high THC levels.

Watch for the Marijuana Parent Tool Kit insert in your Mailbox News starting in June, 2015 to find out why high THC levels matters, and what current research is showing of the sometimes lifelong effects it can have on youth’s developing brain.


We believe that Parents and youth should be provided this information so they are able to make educated decisions regarding marijuana. 

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