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NETI APP  (Emerging Drug Trends – a HIDTA Public Application)


​The NETI APP (Emerging Drug Trends – a HIDTA Public Application) for Cell Phones is now available on both the IOS platform as well as the Android.
The APP is designed to describe current drugs which are trending upwards with real-time information along with simplistic instant access. The emerging drugs are defined and provided with interactive search parameters along with photos depicting how they may be found at the street level.
The APP is not designed to be a PDR, but only for current trending drugs or drug patterns of concern. The APP content will change as the threat changes by including new drugs while decreasing trends may be deleted.
While all drugs may not be trending in a particular area, the information is based upon national trends.
The APP is a law enforcement tool as well as a tool for others such as PTAs, Civic Groups, or any other entity that would find such information valuable. The information is not law enforcement sensitive. Therefore, there is no need to vet users.
Loading the APP onto a cell phone is easily accomplished via the respective APP location delivery system available to anyone with a mobile phone. There are two systems available for delivery, and the instructions are contained below:
IOS (iPhone) Open the APP Store icon on the telephone; at the bottom of the screen in the lower right-hand corner there will be a magnifying glass with the word Search underneath it; tap the magnifying glass once, and it will direct the user to a screen that has a list of Trending APPS; at the very top of the screen then there is a text field with a magnifying glass in it; tap the search text box and type in HIDTA; after typing in HIDTA a text message will insert below “neti hidta: identify emerging drug-related tap the neti-hidta screen and it will deliver the phone to the NETIHIDTA App; in the upper right-hand corner there is a button “Get” press the button and download the APP.
Android (All other if not iPhone) Open the Play Store icon on the telephone; locate the search text at the very top that has “Google Play” imprinted; tap the text box one time and it will be in search mode; type hidta; just below the search box a text box “hidta/neti” will appear; touch the “hidta/neti” text and be directed to the APP download screen; touch the APP and install through APP.

Get The App for  Android or iOS

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